The TrufaNet Sales Partner System

TrufaNet offers more than only products and services. It also opens new opportunities for earning money - easy, effective and free.


... more than just shopping.

For sure You can use TrufaNet only as an online shopping mall, as you are used to. But there are more opportunities than that - You also can start earning money with our Sales Partner system, or even build up Your own business. All basic features You need for that are free. All You need is an email address to register Your account.

Ready? Activate Your Sales Partner Account.

Edit Your account profile: add all needed data, and most of all for now - choose a unique username, that fit's Your needs, p.e. if You run Your own business (or intent to do so on TrufaNet), choose the name of Your business as username. Now You can activate Your Sales Partner account. For free as well. Including Your own Sales Partner store You can fill with Your favourite products.

The Sales Partner partners dashboard offers You lots of advertising opportunities, like sharing products on Your social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing and many others. No matter where You come from - we are connected to almost a 200 local and worldwide social networks of significant importance. 

Sharing products - or even Your own Sales Partner store filled with Your favourite products - in social networks is the most easy way to earn money with our system - all links You share are connected to Your unique Sales Partner ID and are tracked back if any of Your social network friends or followers click on the product link - You now are a referrer for that person. If the referee signs up, You are rewarded a commission. If the product You referred is sold, you are rewarded a commission. Also if the referee comes back and buys again. For sure You receive an email for every commission, can observe Your earnings in the Your Sales Partner area, and have that money transfered to Your bank or paypal account, or even receive a check.

Take the next step ...

Earning commissions will give You the opportunity to earn more commissions. After reaching certain commission amounts, You automatically are upgraded in Your commission downline. Still for free - if You want. For sure You also can enter Your network business for a setup fee, depending of the level You choose to enter. These options might also fit for You if You are already an experienced networker or professional. 

For sure next to the offered online opportunities, You also find all You need to startup Your own truffle or mushroom business - You choose at what level. TrufaNet is specialized in connecting all truffle and mushroom related businesses from opening Your own Truffiére to everything You can imagine. We happily support You with that as well - our specialized and experienced international TrufaNet cooperative partners can help You. We also offer attractive partner and franchise programs. Just get in contact with us.

B2B2C. And back.

You are already running a truffle or mushroom business? You want to expand You business and explore new markets? The TrufaNet cooperative market ist the place for You to go. Cooperative sales, resales and wholesales, cooperative and network marketing but also individual marketing campaigns, and a strong aliance of both sellers and buyers make TrufaNet a unique opportunity for You to join.

TrufaNet follows both international and local market principles, connecting business to business, business to clients, but also clients to clients, thereby achieving a perfect market transparency creating perfect win-win situations for all cooperative market partners. 

We offer professional selling and reselling services for all truffle and mushroom cultivators, hunters, traders and wholesellers, cultivation equipment producers, wholesellers and traders, service providers like truffle dog trainers, Truffiére planing, setup, management and maintenance, but also connected businesses like agricultural or industry real estate or financial agents. Ready to build a mutual trust based cooperation with new business partners? We are. Just contact us.


For Gourmets.

Gourmet food, saisonal fresh Truffles and mushrooms, supplements for healthy living. And much more ... 

For business starters.

Ready to hit the track? You found the right place to startup Your Truffle or mushroom business. On- and offline.

For professionals.

Expand Your business and explore new markets. Internationally and cooperative, fitting Your needs.